Would you say it's bad or good that I up sell things during my part time work? How would you react to it? Has it happened to you?

So i work part time as a mechanic. Our boss wants is to "up sell" transimtion fluid flushes even if a cleint doesn't need it. I don't beleive in that and even though i HAVE to tell them "So it looks like your transmission fluid needs changing, should we do that as well?"... I wait like a minute then go up to them and say something like "after taking a closer look, it won't need changing". I do not want to take people's money like that. I mean if he or she does need it then i will say it.

I find that girls get taken way more advantge of. One of our guys basically lied to her and said she needed new brakes, oil change and transmission fluid flush. Then found like coolant flush and it was a joke. I wanted to tell her she did not need ANY of that but i would of got fired.

What would you do and has this happend to you?


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  • Unfortunately that is how a business runs. People who don't know any better get taken advantage of. You can't do much but be good and loyal to your customers you provide service for.

    • i always tell them later they don't really need a trans flush but i don't directly say it that way or i would get fired lol. I just dont like how it is really. Like we have a girl who is learning to be a mechanic but their are these 2 other guys who just make fun of her and i can tell her she gets discouraged so i help her out when i can. but yeah i don't like upselling things and lying to people.

    • That makes sense, you're doing a good job. So don't worry much. As long as you're doing your part in the business, it's better then doing nothing.

    • i still do a good job but i dont upsell what people do not need

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  • my brother was right ahaha