This girl and I like the same guy?

she's a year older than me, she's taller, she's more outgoing, she tries to talk to him and gets a good response. Me? I'm awkward, I'm not super insecure about how I look because I honestly don't care much about that but I can still never approach him. It's not a competition or anything, but it also is. i dont know her super well but i see what she's doing and its obvious she likes him too. how do i talk to him? how can i be more outgoing? it sounds terrible, but how do i "beat" her?


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  • Your best bet may be to explicitly let him know you're interested. Beat her to the punch as it were. Worst case, he's not interested, but in that case, he probably wouldn't have been anyway. And at least this way he might be interested in starting something with you before anyone else says anything.

    Of course, he might be gay and you're both just out of luck ;p (or not interested, etc) Good luck, hope it turns out okay for everyone.


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