Girl's, Do you dress more provocative than you truly are? Guy's, if a girl is dressed provocatively do you automatically assume she's DTF?

Sexy to me is as little as showing off your belly at all. belly shirts/crop tops. A good bit of cleavage showing. Short shorts. See through or cut up in somewhat revealing places like slices in your shirt down the back or sides of a shirt. This isn't a conservative style and even outfits at Aeropostale/ Hollister/ American eagle, mostly all common clothing shops, sell outfits that aren't conservative. They make them to be sexy in a subtle way, this is biggest for the summer obviously.

I dress provocatively for certain occasions and season. like if my husband and I go out to a club together or a strip club. During the summer my style gets a bit sexier. Not Sluty but definitely not considered conservative.

  • Girl's, Yes, I dress provocatively a lot, but I'm provocative.
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  • Girl's, I at least occasionally dress provocatively, but I'm not a provocative person.
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  • Girl's, No, I don't dress provocatively. AT ALL.
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  • Guy's, Yes, I think she's DTF
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  • Guy's, No, I don't think that she's DTF if she's dressed provocatively.
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  • Guy's, Sometimes I think that. Depends on how much she's showing off at once.
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  • I don't try to understand women anymore. y'all are too confusing.


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  • Seems like every girl today dresses provocative

    • I'm thinking you may be right but what do you think when you see a pretty girl showing off a good bit of skin? Does she look easy or do you think clothes aren't something to go by on judgement?

    • I don't know why it made me post anonymously

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