How would you feel if you found out that a guy you're dating or friends with cries at night sometimes?

And when you ask him about it, he tells you that he feels alone unloved and unwanted. That he's felt like this since he was a teen.

I'm not asking what you would do or what you would tell him. I'm asking, what would you think of him and how would you feel after learning this?


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  • My feelings for him, platonic or romantic, wouldn't change, but I would be sad to hear he feels that way. I do actually have a friend like this and I admit that I sort of dote on him. I would also feel a lot of empathy. As someone with clinical depression, I cry at night sometimes too. For other reasons, but still. I also might be a little more on the defense and protective of him, but not in a patronizing way.

    • your friend is lucky as can be to have a friend like you. good luck to the both of you.

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  • I'd think he was a pussy, not even, those are actually quite tough. I'd think that I can't let him venture off alone too long or else he might off himself.


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  • Everyone is human. I would hope even the toughest guy cries.


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