How do you fix low self-esteem /confidence?

How do you fix low self-esteem /confidence ?Lmao I had to ^^^

On a serious note I've been livng with low self esteem and almost non existence confidence for as long as i can remember. I didn't talk much in school but had a decent amount of friends no matter how many schools i went to someone always go through my anti social vibe and accepted my wallflower tendencies my style wasn't like others I had this Punk/Harajuku style that wasn't everyone's first choice. made me stand out in a complimentary way also a joke for some who didn't get the black girl in all black with colored eyeliner n tight ripped up jeans look... the jokes never phased me because I knew I could do better at ripping on myelf
I don't know why but if I get a chance or even for no reason I remind myself how ugly low or pathetic am saying/thinking something highly negative about myself just to do it. I know it's not attractive I even do it on purpose to either get rid of or test a guy to see how long or how much they can take of it since I do it sometimes without realizing it. I guess its kept me humble a sort of defense mechanism I know I'm no dime piece but im not ugly either I'm average at best (not a knock at myself just the truth) when shyt situations happen is when I remind myself the most that I'm not shyt I don't matter I'm pathetic I should die etc. My trusting manner and shyt confidence is what made this or let that happen. What sucks the most is no one can talk shyt about you, worse then you yourself can. It gets tiring after a while I really don't know what to do to change that about myself


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  • Best thing is to stop worrying about what other people think, and worry about being yourself. I've had this problem and this advice helps so much. Once you are comfortable it'll be a lot better and you'll feel confident within yourself. Have a great day :)

    • Well I dont mind what people say because what they can't top what I can. If anything they just call me n** like there's nothing else to attack and I'm like... well I have way more in my arsenal of snappy come comebacks this race if we want to talk about myself. But yeah I hear you thank you

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