He got really hands on while drunk, should I tell him?

So a friend of mine got really touchy with me while drunk. He would sit really close to me and use his fingers to turn my head close to his. He sat with his hands behind my back and grabbed my butt and at one point he even laid his body across mine while I was sitting at the both. At one point another guy accompanying our group of friends pushed him off the couch so that he would not be touching me.

It's not like I'm greatly offended and want to claim sexual harassment... I just feel like I should say something to him, because I don't think he realizes he gets that way while drunk. Outside of all of this, He seems to like me or at least the idea of me, but he has a girlfriend. Maybe he just got this way because of the little work place crush he has, but still it was inappropriate and embarrassing. How do I bring it up to him, if I should bring it up to him at all.

Seriously, if you're going to be childish go for it. I'm just not mad that he invaded my space. He's not a rapist and would never be one he's just hands on. I do it myself when am blacked out, so I don't drink. I'm not going to demonize one man for acts that were small enough to be forgiven.


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  • He got that way because he was drunk, and you were there. You should have said something at the time. Y'know, like potty training an animal, you point it out when it's prevalent.

    if you'er apprehensive because he could presume you 'like' him back if you do say something, don't worry; you both sound like reasonable adults.


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  • If you try to talk to him, he may get defensive and deny that these things happened, so. . .

    You don't need to say anything. Wait and if it happens again, have someone take a few pictures which you can then show him. He really can't argue with the pictures.

    • That's incredibly shady and I do not want to put myself in that position with him again.

    • I understand that you don't want it to happen again, but there is nothing shady about taking a picture of a person who is misbehaving. Talk to him and tell him it is embarrassing for you and I would hurt his girlfriend immensely, so it must never happen again.


    • It's not that serious...

    • YES, IT FUCKING IS... Do you know how many women are sexually assaulted each year? @asker

    • Enough to know this wasn't serious.

  • Intoxication does not excuse this behavior.

    • I'm not trying to excuse his behavior.

  • He wants to bang you haha

    • I noticed...

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    • So I can do what I like when I'm drunk? SWEET!

    • If that's all you take from this you're simple.

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