Anyone else know the feeling?

so recently i found someone that feels the same way i do.
due to bullying or other causes, you might feel empty
i tried explaining to my classmates, but they did not understand
i just want to share this because it can be arelief to know you're not the only one! i usually feel alienated and lonely and empty. but now i know i'm not alone in this which is a huge relief!


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  • Yeah, I know exactly what you mean!

    I suffer from depression due to unresolved issues. At times I feel so alone and isolated, even though I am surrounded by family and friends. I have tried to talk to them, but it's a case of they can hear me , but they don't understand.

    Recently , I became friends with someone and discovered she suffers from depression too. So we could totally relate to how each other is feeling. It is like a huge burden has lifted off my shoulders , because I can finally talk about how I feel, and someone finally understands me. I don't feel so alone. 😊

    • good! :) i haven't had a person like that in about 6 years so yeah that fucked me up
      if you feel sad, feel free to chat to me! :)

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    • Lol! I guess we all have a little bit of Mr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde in us 😝😂😋

    • haha, nice reference! xD

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  • Yeah you're definitely not alone, the internet is a great way to find this out and to connect with people like yourself.
    Keep your head up and focus on getting through school and starting your life as an adult, the ironic thing is that 5-10 years from now you'll look back at the people you went to school with and see that a lot of, or most of, the kids who were outsiders, geeks, nerds, etc. and who got picked on in school will be better looking, more successful with the opposite sex, and further along in their career than the "cool" kids who spent their highschool and college years partying, getting all the girls, and getting all the attention / admiration from their "followers".
    Not always, not 100%, but enough that you'll be able to laugh when you think back to when you were picked on or skipped over by certain people and you see where things are at now that you're in the REAL world.


    • that is very true! though i am not really focusing on them i get jealous when i see how close they are!

    • How close they are, you mean like they have a bunch of friends?

    • yes, but it always seems like more, i feel really left out :(

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  • yes i know this feeling


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