Does anyone else think that we should start a fund to buy MissNowhere a place in California?



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  • How can we know @MissNowhere is who she says she is, for all we know she could have 2 accounts, her normal account and a second account she/he used to ask this question. Tho I could just be over reacting thanks to @SaVeS, and someone totally different asked this question.

    • Uhh, really? 😂 Wow dude, just wow.
      I'd never ask something like this, me no likey such attention tbh.

    • @asker I think we should wait to start that fund and instead use those funds to fund Sanders campaign to get him elected so when @MissNowhere does come to the US, she has a president she can be proud of.
      @MissNowhere but if you did ask something like this, you'd most likely you'd ask it from your MissNowhere account just for fun :D.

    • Yes, but I wouldn't though :x

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  • No. No offense but I think you should get out of MissNowhere's ass and let her navigate through her experience as her own woman. I say this because I have been in MissNowhere's shoes; young and in love with someone on the other side of the planet. It may look all cute and intriguing from the outside in but there are various complex factors when you are a very young woman who lacks financial independence, a certain level of life experience, and would have to uproot life as you know it as well as abandon or majorly shift collegiate and career goals to chase a romance. Despite how engaging and adorable this romance may seem right now, in actual reality she has barely explored adulthood and solidified her identity as a woman. Some relationships sincerely are not meant to be no matter how magnetic they are or how sturdy they seem so it could be a disaster for an 18 year old to leave her home and live with a 28-ish year old man in America with no college degree, no financial independence, no family (?)/no friends/no support system. Connections fade away, they become smothered, people outgrow relationships and bonds: it's one massive risk that she most likely lacks the financial, emotional, and mental resources to handle if things don't work out.

    I also don't think it's appropriate to arrange the fate of someone else like that. What may be best for her long term development may not be this relationship so I wouldn't feel comfortable helping her "buy a place" in a foreign country. As for you @Asker, it's really not healthy to idolize or live vicariously through other's relationships... :/ just sayin...

    • Oh wow.
      Well, I believe Asker was just joking.
      I'd try to move to America regardless if there was someone special there or not, it's my dream to live there and I can't wait to get outta here ASAP and I truly got nothing to lose, just wanted to clarify that.
      And he's 26. 😂

    • @MissNowhere Lol you never know ;P

      That's awesome if you want to come to America but do it on your terms when you are ready and absolutely prepared. At your age, it's really important to give your goals and ideas time to cultivate while you stockpile every mental and spiritual good you can find! Because once you take a big step like that , there's no turning back and you need to be fully prepared/have fallback strategies.

    • I will, thanks for the advice. :)

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  • No thanks.

  • Please stop getting involved in our relationship, people. I know you mean good, but it's totally unnecessary. I don't want all this attention and stuff tbh.

  • Nah. Maybe a plane ticket because that's significantly cheaper.

    • Who is she?
      If you think plane ticket is significantly cheaper than you can book my flight for 2016 , August. I will move to TEXAS.

  • Lol yea Diana then you could come fly over to Pennsylvania for your wifey <3

  • sounds like a good idea

  • if you want but i'm not participating
    i have student loans to pay

  • What about if Diana wasn't who she really claim she was?

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