Have you ate something so good then drop it on the ground by accident then pick it back up to continue eating it?


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  • No. I'm almost a germophobe. If a food is on the ground then it is not going anywhere near my mouth no matter how good it is.


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  • Wanted to!!! Contemplated it!! Even inched it towards my mouth... but yeah, it isn't going in haha.
    Sorry, it's just not sanitary. Disgusting. Ew.

  • Which ground?, the soil ground? or the tiles ground in your house, in your room?

    • It could be any ground.

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    • Why log out... when you have to get back in through security protocols.. lol

    • Lol true. But it's simple because my info is already their. So I just hit two buttons then im signed back in. lol.

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