How many of you use BTC?

might start getting some since the price has gone up and it will only go up because of the limited amount


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  • I wouldn't, it seems too risky. The value got cut in half since last year, so I don't see why I would expect it to go up.


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  • I'm avoiding fake currency like the plague.

    • It's not really fake, it's being accepted at more places now

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    • It's a really good concept in my opinion but it could fail at any point

    • Well the problem with it is that it's something that shifts far more wildly because of it's lack of a backing. It inflates like crazy but also is traded so it's limited making it somewhat... unstable. As an idea it's okay but one of the major downfalls of not having any fiscal backing or entity is that really no one has to actually accept it. It's why it's used by criminals so widely; it's just something convertible at small shops and quite underground.

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  • I used it once to purchase a few things. I am uncertain if i would use it as an investment tool, however since you are underage and want to invest it may be a good option.

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