What are your thoughts after seeing this declaration of war on ISIS from Anonymous?

It's not new - they've declared their opposition to ISIS and other terrorists before.
But how does it make you feel that this hacktivist group, responsible for numerous datadumps and leaks has once more announced their intention to bring down ISIS?


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  • Considering how everyone gets to play madman it's unnerving. I mean Anonymous could be watching me in my underwear right now!

    • I doubt leaking camvids of you frolicking around in your drawers is high on their list of priorities. Lol.

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    • 1. Fight ISIS
      2. Leak next round of scriptkittyboosters
      3. Remember the 5th of November
      4. Record attractive guys in their drawers.

    • Whew, now I feel safer and more willing to wander about in ill-fitting boxers. Thank you!

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  • Just chatter.

    • How so? As in they're just posting videos and are not actually going to attempt to do anything or that their efforts in cyberactivism, like their previous Twitter account leak, are essentially useless.

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    • Lol yes, because their efforts can only go so far. Short of sending unsolicited pizzas to their houses, there's not much they can do. I think a part of their plan was for the public to help bring attention to these accounts to get Twitter to remove them or something. Seeing as social media has been implicated in the movement of information around, was Anonymous completely wrong in their attempts?

    • Not sure never really kept up with their movement I just consider them cyber terrorists.

  • it is silly talk by Anonymous , publicity stunt, nothing more.

    • But they're not just empty threats and big talk. They've stated their opposition to Isis and terrorism before and leaked social media handles of Isis supporters before.

    • USA and British agencies knew those people long before Anonymous, they are doing favour to no one, except driving terrorists deeper underground, and making them aware that they are being watched.

    • As opposed to allowing them to recruit and operate in relative anonymity?

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