How do I make a remix music video?

I've seen ton of remix/mash ups on YouTube but how do you make one? What kind of software (that's easy to use and good) do I need?

I'm not one for remixes or mash up I found to songs that would just be cool together.


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  • audacity is the best, free option for an audio editor, and that's where you should start. if you can't understand and find your way around audacity, you won't be ready for tools like cubase and reason. if you're clever enough and understand what you're doing, audacity can be used to make countless remixes... but it would possibly get tedious relying on audacity alone for fancier remixes.

    cubase i find is what a lot of people like to use, because it's fairly powerful as an audio editor and song maker, but it costs a lot of money, although there is a free 30 day demo. the same with all the other software like fl studio, reason, etc. fl studio is more of a song maker from scratch, although of course it can be used for making remixes.