After you submit resume & application and you haven't been contacted should you call to inquire about the application/interview?

Sorry if its a stupid question, this was never taught in school and I'm seeing conflicting information online.

I have applied for maybe 20 jobs over the past few months and I was only contacted by 1.
Am I doing something wrong?
They're just reguar minimum wage jobs.


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  • Your résumé might need overhauling. I've landed some jobs by just bugging the shit out of them

    • What do you say?

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    • No I don't know. That's why I'm asking. Please don't be stingy with info. I really need a job.

    • I tell them how I love their company and that I think I could be a good fit. I don't stay on the phone very long

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  • It's always good to call before they contact you. It shows initiative. Just call and ask for a status on your job application. Good luck! -xx

    • After how many days after I applied should I call?

    • I would give it at least 3-4 days after you submit it

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  • After how long after you submit your application/interview are you thinking of contacting the relevant parties? It's always good to show initiative by calling uo and requesting the status of your application.

    • I have never called because I thought I wasn't supposed to.

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