Do you go through phases of anger/wanting to be alone that lasts weeks?

I don't know if anyone else experiances this but this happens to me a few times a year

Every little tiny thing pisses me off and I always want to be alone (wanting to be alone thats always like that)

but I mean anger... Do you go through phases of agression that lasts weeks?

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  • I do it sometimes. Like right now there's only one person I want to talk to. Everyone else is bugging the shit out of me (in real life, so I'm ignoring texts and stuff from people until I'm ready to deal with them.


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  • Weeks? No. There have been times when I wanted to be alone for maybe a couple of days but got over it and moved on. Gotta know how to deal with things that make you want to be alone for extended periods of time.


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  • I used to during puberty and a little bit into adulthood, but not anymore. I got pissed off easily by random things, which then made me more irritable towards people who had nothing to do with those random things. It took only one bad comment from someone to start a fight, so I'd avoid everyone. But yeah, not anymore. Now I'm quite difficult to piss off.


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