There's something really hurting me but I'm not sure what can anybody figure out what I can do?

Everybody asks me am i ok you seem to be thinking about a lot and am i hurting. I've always been an intense person but not in a bad way but i feel like my thoughts are eating me alive I feel really lonely and feel like life is meaningless. Im usually alone however when im around people it helps but i doesn't take it away all together. I dont even feel like i understand my emotions I sort of been feeling this for a while but i just said whatever like Its gotten worse as the years progressed i just never thought anything of it and honestly i dont even know whats wrong or if there's anything wrong at all. It seems people are just as lonely and doing the same things as me. I just feel like disconnected. I hate talking about this because i hate bringing out negativity but i can't shake it. I got a full scholarship and did well my first semester and now im failing every class and i can't focus on anything i think this emotional shit will ruin me. To be honest im thinking i just need a good friend to hang with a lot and ill feel a lot better or maybe a girlfriend. I can't really talk to anybody or know anybody deeply outside of my family and they are back at home and i think me having to spend so much time online is bringing me down but i have to do school work there. I had very brief but extreme suicidal thoughts but im over that shit now. working out mask the problem but it keeps coming back i dont even know what it is but its there i feel like im going crazy in my head the lonliness hurts but at the same time i want to be a lone sometimes im just so confused and lost and just feel trapped and suffocated?


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  • It sounds like you have depression.

    You should look into seeing a therapist.
    Or you could call a hotline (something like this:
    Or you could find an online group of people with depression to talk to about it.

    It sounds like you really could use someone like minded to talk to.

    There are so many things that you can do to help your depression. Here's an interesting read, and maybe you'll find some of this helpful:

    Either way you should find someone to talk to that won't judge you. Someone that you can say anything to openly. Talking really helps. At least it helps me.

    • Just know that getting a really close friend or a girlfriend won't fix anything. It might give you temporary relief, but the underlying problems will remain. It's better to try to work on the underlying problems then do a band-aid fix.

    • And also, a thing to check up at your campus is a counseling program. I think you could probably even get counseling for free at some places with some insurances, or it'll at least be cheaper (I think!). Just something to look into.

    • I don't know about counseling they can't do anything and its just weird talking to people about my weaknesses but yeah my college has counselor free my advisor recommended one it was really weird it was like there's something going with you. I feel like I'm a really nice person but I'm kind of quiet until i get comfortable with others so i just don't have too many friends i think thats all i know many people but i don't have a good friend who I'm really cool with beyond just talking every once and a while, and i just feel my experiences in life are so limited to just going to school i just feel like lost in a cycle of the same thing but who knows thank you i really appreciate your advice

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