Question for Christians, Muslims & Jews: do you believe in sapient aliens and if so do you think god sent them messiahs/prophets as he did humanity?

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  • I am and I don't beleive in sapient ETs
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  • I am and I believe in sapient ETs but I don't think god sent them prophets or a messiah
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  • I am and beleive in sapient ETs and I believe god sent them prophets or a messiah
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  • I am a Muslim , Islam NEVER condradicts with the alien life but it NEVER mentioned it too
    As for me I have a theory about why we r all alone in this BIGGG universe

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    • Even if those stars no longer exist you do realize that there are others that have since arisen that we haven't seen yet, right?

    • Yep , that's why it's a theory it might be right or wrong 😉

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  • I am muslim and don't really believe in aliens like the ones in movies, maybe just some bacteria or something, the fact that life exists on earth is a miracle, how everything is done perfectly to maintain life so far we didn't find something comparable to earth.


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  • I am a Christian and aliens are just nephilim or demons. They are definitely NOT friendly or messiahs.