Should I keep trying or move on?

Me and this boy who I've been friends with for forever started talking and after almost a month of flirting and whatever he blocked me.. He started dating someone else and I went Into a depression stage, I'd cry myself to sleep, id cut myself. I didn't know what to do or what I did. When I would text him, he wouldn't answer.. One day I texted him and he answered. We then became friends again and we had a normal conversation.. Everything was going fine again I wasn't upset anymore. Then he asked me to send him something.. I wouldn't and he kept begging. I kept saying no he finally gave up and then a few days later I texted him again and asked if we were still friends. He kept saying I don't know what you're talking about. He stopped answering me. I love him so much and losing him is losing my world.. Should I give up or keep trying?

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  • He sounds a bit unstable. What did he want you to send?


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  • I would move on, because holding on is more painful than letting go. He obviously has a negative affect on you... so personally, I would rather be alone and be emotionally/ mentally healthy, than to have someone in my life who caused me to become an emotional wreck.

    If you allow someone to have that much control over your emotions... that it causes you to self- harm then you should let them go. Try to be strong on your own and don't depend on anyone else for your happiness, because once they've gone , so is your happiness. Learn to be happy and strong on your own. That way any future relationship will just enrich your life , and add to your existing happiness. 💚

    Your mental/ emotional health should be paramount. Sometimes it is necessary to let go of people you love, for the simple fact they cause you more pain by being in your life. 💚

  • Keep trying and give up!

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