The guy that I liked died in a car accident. How do I move forward?

A guy that I grew to really like was in a car accident recently and died. We were just talking a few days before, and I also, unknowingly, sent him a text the day of not knowing what happened.

My heart feels broken, and there are times where it literally hurts me. I have cried everyday since, and the pain I feel can be crippling at times. Sometimes I am okay, and I accept the fact that it happened, but there are times where it just hits me and I have to choke back tears.

I feel like I am forever changed by this, and I wonder how to move forward when I feel so hurt. I not only cry for what happened to him, but what will never get to happen with us as well.


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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. You will feel better with time. Every day it will get just a little bit easier. Keep yourself occupied and surround yourself with friends and family. Crying is good but don't let yourself get too hung up on it. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. You'll get through this.

  • The same way you get over all loss, it will not be immediate. You need time to grieve. Say goodbye. Feel that loss with friends. Focus on the pain, don't push it away. You have to actually deal with the emotion rather than trying to ignore it. It happened a few days ago? You're not expected to move on within a few days.

    I'm really sorry that happened to you :( Instead of thinking what could have been, remember who he was, don't spend too much time alone stay with friends

    • Yes, it happened just last week. I know that it would be foolish of me to think I could move on so quickly. For some reason this has just spun my world out of control, despite having dealt with death before. I left out a lot of details to maintain anonymity, but with a lot of the others things that happened, and were going to, it might be the reason this feels so crushing.

    • yeah I can understand that's really really sad :(