Is it ok to cry?

I feel really sad and angry right now. I was watching the news I saw where a 7 year old girl went missing and was found dead few minutes later she was suppose to cheer at her ball game but someone took her and killed her instead. The scariest part is it happen the next state that's only south of us and they haven't found the person who did it yet. I'm scared to death for my kids. I have a daughter who's almost 3 and my husband has a 11 year old son from a previous marraige. Stuff like this makes me so mad. The saddest part was this girl would have turned 8 the day after Christmas. My daughters birthday is close to that hers is December 18th. I was gonna take her to either see Charlie Brown or the new Chipmunks movie coming out on her birthday but I'm scared to take her out in public now I'm even more scared myself. I'm even scared to take my son out too even though he is older and knows not to talk to strangers. I want to go and tell my husband this but I'm scared to I'm afraid my kids might see me cry I'd hate to in front of them. I'm also scared to sleep tonight. Is it ok to cry in front of him? Should you cry in front of your kids?


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  • Crying in front of your kids is probably a good thing, lets them know that it's OK to have emotions and express them, rather than hiding them. But have a good reason for crying in front of them... I don't think this is the sort of thing they need to really see affecting you so much.

    Yes, watching the news is depressing as hell... So much messed up stuff goes on in the world. But what can you do? Be scared and afraid all the time? Never go out or do things?

    Everything in life is a risk... Hell, an airplane could fall out of the sky and land on your house, nothing is guaranteed or 100% safe.

    But there are things you can do to mitigate your risk...

    Teaching your children about safety when in public or around strangers... Talking to them about the realities of the world (though of course use your judgement to determine what and how much you say, and don't do it in a way that scares them, but in a way that teaches them how to be safe.

    When you are out with them (or even by yourself), be alert and paying attention at all times... In the world where everyones paying more attention to their cell phones, your odds are much better if you DON'T pay attention to that, but instead pay attention to your surroundings and listen to your instincts.

    When in public places, be aware of stuff like where the exits are and where potential threats might come from... You don't need to be paranoid about it, but when you go to the theater or a restaurant, make a mental note of where an alternate exit is so if anything does start happening and you need to get your kids out, you have more than one option and can avoid a crowd. Stuff like that.

    Being afraid and over-protective of your kids will wind up hurting them... They'll grow up and have psychological / emotional problems that will prevent them from living healthy lives. Being too care-free can put you and your kids at risk as well. Be somewhere in the middle... Cautious, aware and alert, but realistic as well.

    Talk to your husband about this stuff, and if you need to get some professional counseling or therapy, do it!

    As far as your kids go, maybe get them involved in martial arts or self defense classes, something to give them a bit of an edge physically AND mentally. Teach them to pay attention to their surroundings, and work with them to figure out what they will do if they end up in various situations. Don't freak them out, but do talk and educate them.

    There are good people out there too, the world isn't all bad..


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  • Hey, my simple answer to your question is that no matter what your assigned sex or gender is, there's nothing wrong with crying. In fact, it's a good thing to allow yourself to cry as it relieves stress and will make you feel better. Don't be too concerned about crying in front of people because most people won't judge you for it (surprising fact!)
    For now, try not to worry so much and perhaps consider seeing a psychologist to help cope with your feelings.
    Hope this helps. Go for it!

  • Yes, it's fine to cry.

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