Guy I like has a girlfriend?

I've been totally led on the last few months by a guy that I didn't know had a girlfriend. Now a bunch of people know and I don't feel embarrassed, I really don't. I'm just pissed and I want him to feel terrible without talking to him. He doesn't know that I know what his intentions were. I've already begun planning what I'm going to do but I need some more ideas. It's definitely immature of me, but I really want to do something immature for once in my life. I'm tired of being the bigger person.
Also, I will admit, I've liked this guy for a really long time now and I can't get rid of the nauseous feeling I have. How do I get over him?


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  • Words of advice same as I give to all my friends; Live life with minimal regrets, let nobody, anybody or anything steal your smile as if they try they are not worth the minimal focus of attention
    getting over him? you don't even need to think of getting over him you already did he wasn't worth it it was just a illusion like in magic. Don't waste your time just laugh it off

    • i have tried using methods like that so many times for so many problems, and it always just comes and bites me in the ass. i'm hurt, not embarrassed, just mad mad mad and hurt.

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