Is it morally wrong to break a promise to someone who took advantage of you?

I have a complicated dilemma. My ex showed many signs of being a player, but would tell me things like "I don't ever want to lose you", "You're the only one I talk to" and so on. I believed him and tried my best to trust that he'd stay faithful, although the signs he wasn't irritated me sometimes. It would have been easy for him to cheat, since we hardly saw each other in person. I had no idea how to talk about it.
One day he texted me (out of nowhere!) that he was secretly going away to find work and wanted us to break up because he "couldn't do long distance." He backtracked and said it would be temporary, then began to act cold. Naturally, I was shocked and upset. I told him I promised to wait for him... even though I knew very little about his plan to go away. I told him I wanted to see him in person a few more times before he left. he ignored me for days, which was unusual.
After processing my hurt feelings, I realized that maybe he didn't really care after all and was probably even cheating. I felt like I was being taken advantage of or treated like a second choice. After being ignored for a while, I decided to officially break it off myself, since he refused to talk to me.
the whole point of my question is.. was it wrong? Being a highly sensitive person, I try to do the moral, right thing. No matter how neglectful he was, part of me feels awful about what I said I would do, and ended up not doing it.
Is it horrible to break a promise to someone like that?


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  • You did the right thing...
    He sounds like a jerk, and you're missing out on opportunities to meet guys who will treat you better!
    Move on and don't feel bad, I highly doubt he cares nearly as much about you as you cared about him. It didn't sound like it was a particularly great relationship to begin with.

    Nothing to worry about or feel bad about. Gotta look out for yourself first.


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