I am Asian and I changed my last name to Bateman. Is it ok?

I haven't changed it legally. The first name is my real first name and it's already a popular Western name. My second name sound too Slavic.

So I like the name Bateman because I was inspired by Patrick Bateman whom I believe I share some simillarities in term of mental illness and Nick Bateman that I hope can halo my looks (lol)

I am short but at least I am handsome (like K-Pop star), muscled and dress nicely haha


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  • I mean it would be weird to connect the two but whose to say what your last name could be. My last name is scottish but for some reason people aren't that surprised lol.


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  • In the same way that Patrick Bateman's name was likely a nod to Norman Bates, I'm a little worried that people might draw more negative association out of the name Bateman than you intend. I'm assuming you don't want people to connect you to a serial killer, even a fictional one, and while I doubt many people would consciously avoid a person for this reason, I feel that if you're going to change your name, might as well change it to something that isn't going to make people uneasy, you know?

    • Nick rather. Not sure why I said Patrick.

    • I actually have a bit of intent to connect myself to a psychopath.

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  • You want to name yourself after a fictional psychopath?


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