Do dreams give any insight into how you feel about someone? Or are they just dreams?

I had a dream about this guy I just started seeing... I went over to his place, and he started off as himself but throughout the night he physically gained weight and became completely different in appearance (not recognizable) and then we started to make out... And I honestly was about to barf because "he" was the worst kisser one could ever imagine. His lips grew super large and he just pecked me super fast.. Like peck peck peck peck repeatedly and slobbering at the same time. I was mortified.

I feel weird thinking about him now... Does it mean anything?


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  • Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you that at this point you should get to know him better on the inside. Dreams are our minds way of bringing stressors to our attention, or helping us to try and understand things we don't. On the flip side, maybe you already know who he is a person and are with him for the wrong reasons. It says I can't post links :( but google search "dream explanations" and read some of the articles. Hope this has helped :D