Dreaming, and what does it mean. Decoding?

Been talking with this guy for awhile. He lives in another state than i do, but his family is here. We hit it off great and when we hung in person it was amazing he treated me like his girlfriend and everything, but not ready for relationship at the moment. But like treat me like that and say all this stuff to me for what then. I believe he really likes me as my freind told me but few things could be stopping him from moving to next step. I also know he has a f-buddy something i dont like but it is what it is. Anyway we talk all time but I have not texted him for a week. I dont want to keep bothering him eventhough he always answers unless busy or what not. So i dont text him but yesterday he liked my status then this morning texted me good morning. He also said he had a dream about me and him and then went into more detail about it. Could he be thinking about me or missing me? or what? I know people say dreams are something people wish to happen. I wish for him and I hope that maybe one day us be together officially. I think hw likes me but like i said its all confusing. He comes home next week to so im hoping to see him then.


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  • You need to google dreams decoding! It helps!