What is greasy food?

What counts as greasy foods? Foods with even a teaspoon oil in? Food cooked in oil ex. Stir fry, fried onions? How can u make the "greasy" foods without it being..."greasy"? Lol


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  • the thought of 'solid' food that tastes slippery and dripping in oil is what i consider greasy. ugh it disgusts me thinking bout it.

    stuff like really oily meat, veggies, or desserts.

    how to make foods not greasy is to substitute for a healthier alternative [such as olive oil] as well as lighter distribution. for example, when i fry something, i like using olive oil that actually comes in a can so i can spray it nicely onto my frying pan before use. it's wonderful and u can taste the difference.


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  • Fried chicken I guess?