I have a deep desire to be wanted by women and I want in to stop before I lose my girlfriend?

- I've come to the conclusion that I base my self worth as a human being of how many women think Im attractive.
- I wasn't always very atttractive now I'm some what attractive so I can attract girls now which makes me worried I might cheat
- My old friends and others at my school would bully me about not being able to get a girlfriend which enforce this menatlity on me and I can't seem to shake it
- I am now in a realtionship with the perfect girl and I don't want to lose her
- I need to get rid of this need to get women to like me to have self worth
- I am not gonna lose the love of my life because of a flaw in my self worth/self esteem

How do I destroy this mentaltiy before I do something stupid?

Has anyone got any advice on how I can stop this mentality dead in its tracks?


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  • Howdy partner!👋
    There's nothing wrong with acknowledging your strengths and embracing that part of you, but as you continue on in life, you'll begin to get used to women coming on to u and all that. Try focusing on the other things in your life. Especially those you're extremely passionate about. Continue treating your girlfriend like a queen, making all that notice jealous of what u both share, but of course u have to mean it from the heart.
    I've acknowledged and embraced that guys are highly attracted to me, (though I honest to God don't see what they see Lol), but I don't let it go to my head because
    1) I'm used to it
    2) It's really no big deal because anything bad could happen to deform the face, so it's the inside that truly counts
    3) I'm extremely in love with my sexy and handsome asf boyfriend who treats me right, and also faced the fact that women are highly attracted to his natural charm and good looks, but he doesn't let it go to his head. Thank God.
    You just have to be true to yourself and ask what u genuinely want.


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  • You just need to sort it out, I have a similar thing in that I grew into my looks so now occasionally I catch the beginnings of an arrogant asshole personality starting to form. Remember you've experienced things other people who've always been good looking haven't experienced so you're not stupid and shallow and you're a better person, don't give in to bullshit and become like everyone else.


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  • First if you think you need to have a lot of women say your attractive an want to be withother women thenyour not ready to be with just one women since i am a women that loves women only in my case if i was with a women that wanted other women say she is attractive an want to be with other women then she might not be ready to be with just one women


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