Why do some people get all worked up over nothing?

I know we are all different. But I am a very chill and lay back person. For me to actually get mad it takes a lot. People get them self all worked up to then swear and look dumb. It just looks really bad. Who eles agrees?


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  • I am VERY much a laid back person, I do my best to not get stressed out or worked up about aspects and events and tasks in life. Real even keel. Not allowing myself to get stressed out. Very much like a zen master.

    Ironically it makes some of the women in my life (sister, mom, ex girlfriends, etc.) absolutely irate with me being this way... which is strange.

    How does one being a zen-master and being calm and tranquil in the face of stressful situations, make someone emotionally uppity? :-P

  • I agree. But what seems 'nothing' to you or me..say, we flirt with someone a little, nothing serious,and our SO gets all bent out of shape..

    This can seem really serious if the
    SO has in the past had a cheating 
    partner.  Even a little palaver
    to him or her sets of really loud
    alarm bells.

    So many people out there have been
    traumatized in relationships in
    modern times...

    Let's cut them some slack!

  • I can be pretty liberal with fucks and shits but it doesn't mean I'm worked up and I'm actually pretty damn lackadaisical, it's something I'm working on. haha

  • I get wound easily sometimes, it depends on what mood I am in and if I have had my morning bowl of Museli accompanied with my morning shitting session.


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  • I agree, people now a days lose their tempers so easily. They lack patience, self respect and it can also be detrimental to their physical and mental health if they take it to far.

    • That is very true and sad at the same time. It says a lot about the person.

    • I stay away from angry people if I can. I hate seeing people in that state and I think if people spend a lot of time with a person who can't control their anger, they become like them.

    • I agree with you and I do the same.

  • MY mom is the same way! She cries and complains! She drives me insane!

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