Would you want to read a story like this?

I wrote this as a comment on a question, and I am thinking I should write a whole story about it instead of just this.


D. J Cat yawned as he stared at the watch buried beneath his amber fluff. He clicked his teeth and tapped the glass, the damn thing never seemed to work. He rolled his eyes and grabbed a cup of coffee, now gone cold many hours ago. It tasted bitter, or how his Friend Sam the Poodle would say "tastes like stale cigs man".

D. J cat sighed, he was beat from last nights gig and paws felt like they would fall off his body. He looked around his surroundings and studied the poster by his bed. It was D. J cat from two years ago when he first got his tounge piercing. He smiled as he remembered Rebecca teasing him with her camera, threatening to take a picture. So he stuck his tounge out at her.

D. J cat sighed, if only things had worked out between them.

He took a swig from the coffee cup and placed it back on the table. Yup, this was his life, reminiscing about his old girl friend, regretting his decision to move and give up his D. J career to be with a woman. But he knew that he made the right choice.


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