Girls, what to expect?

i am being put on birth control this coming Monday can anyone give me some info on what all they do on a check for this

I need some info on what they do to me
anyone willing to help me


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  • You need info on what birth control does to you? Prevents pregnancy... obviously. But besides that, it can help your complexion if you have acne. It makes cramps much more manageable, and mood swings aren't as... bad. Those are just some things.

    Or do you mean what they do in order to prescribe it to you? If that's what you mean, my doctor asked if I had any past issues with blood clotting or something, 'cause apparently some birth controls can contribute to that sort of thing. She asked what other meds I'm on so she could prescribe a kind of pill that wouldn't interfere with what I'm already on. It's not that big of a deal. It will probably be a very short appointment.

    • well the dr office told me to be prepared for a physical

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    • What? Will they look down there, you mean? If that's what you mean, I really don't think so. I don't see why they would. My doctor didn't for me.

    • I think it is a pelvic exam