Is US T. V being swamped with Feminist propaganda?

So for the last month or so UK T. V has been swamped with cringeworthy Feminist propaganda.

Everything involving "sexism" towards women, including everyday sexism and in the workplace.

Sure these may very well exist, but the programs where purely focused on women and the double standards they suffer. HOWEVER, there was barely anything about double standards and sexism men suffer from... if the programme spoke of us men, it was only something bad.

I'm sick and tired of this shit. If Feminism really is about equality, why the fuck is there so much, too much, effort on helping women?


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  • The press love a good bandwagon!

    • I suppose you're right.

      I hope it's all over next week.

    • It probably will be, they'll find a new hot topic to sensationalize.

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  • Mate the whole west is swamped with propaganda on tv 24/7 since the thing was invented. They lie about wars, steer your opinions on products, politics everything. You've been brainwashed into liking things like mcdonalds since you opened you eyes as a baby. There's psychologists advising advertisers how to direct their ads to affect kids. If you get the kid you get the adult. Read about subliminals. They were supposed to be banned in the 70s but they're still about

  • The answer: feminism is not about equality. Never has been and never will be. Feminism is about advancing women's interests, period. The concept of fairness never even enters the picture.