Can we just BTSO of ISIS already?

The City of Love has become the City of Fear over the last week...

Isn't time we bomb the shit out (BTSO) of ISIS.

Shouldn't the US, the UK, Germany and Russia all colaborate to blow the fuck out of them so we can rid them of this Earth?

Should we?

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  • nah man i mean like i think what happened in Paris is terrible but yeah payback is a bitch if all those countries like America france belgium the netherlands and shit weren't dropping bombs on em all that wouldn't have happened

    • No one was bombing them when 9/11 rolled around.

    • My dad's right, if we all sent out our special forces like the Spetsnaz (Russia), SAS (UK) and SEALS (US), and blew th living light out of them... it would be over.

      They're only 25000 hard on Jihadis... we have the intel and spec to irradicate them.

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  • I think we should build a wall around the middle east, chuck all those people of that descent back in there to be on the safe side, and let them all kill each other.


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  • I say we shoot them in the kneecaps and elbows and leave them to die

    • How about cut their jugular and let them drown in their own blood? You know... Halal, just how they like it!

    • Lol... Too quick if you ask me...

    • Not only are they places intervening in Syria and Iraq, but they're also places of freedom of expression - places that ISIS hate. So if we stopped bombing them, they'd still hate our Liberatarian principles.

  • Bombing w/o ground troops is asinine. Bombing is used for support to move ground troops in and occupy an area. We already have been bombing ISIS, so has France, Russia, etc. etc. The thing is, nobody wants to send ground troops. It would take a ton of resources, manpower, and time. Countries in the middle east are barely doing anything about ISIS, some are still bickering w/ each other rather than dealing w/ ISIS for that matter. Not to mention there are civilians that are being oppressed by ISIS and you aren't dong much liberating if you're killing them.

    Right now, all we seem to be able to do is locate some leaders and members and bomb their specific location.

  • just stop getting involved full stop. we caused this mess - it goes back to when the west funded religious mujahideen to fight against soviet control of afghanistan. it got worse and worse with the invasions of iraq and afghanistan and now the problem has exacerbated into one of the nastiest group of religious extremists history has known. all we can do is stop giving them credibility.

    • Even if we stop they'll come for us.

    • you might assume so but actually the main countries ISIS will target and have targeted thus far are the one's intervening in Iraq and Syria.

      besides, it's not fair to drag innocent and ordinary everyday civilians like you and me into this war. especially not when they have nothing to do with ISIS and in fact are very afraid of ISIS.

  • No, that will just turn more people to terror.
    Bombing the hell out of countries terrorized by isis is a bad idea.
    We can supply arms to those who would fight the good fight though

  • I think we have taken a position of containment because the risk of the organization splintering and melting into other communities could be more dangerous for western countries.

  • Get rid of the CIA fucks who're funding ISIS then it'll be over...