Was he grooming me?

Ok so this story happen last summer but I just want to know if I was getting groomed or not I feel like I was kinda was but I'm not sure. So I am 17 I met a 20 years old online, he made me felt special and etc he will be nice to me and say cute flirty things. So he convince me to have sex with him (I never did it I chicken out because I felt like he was using me) and I haven't heard from him after that since then. Also he was also making me think that there was going to be a relationship afterwards. But I did talk to him again like a dumbass told me straight up he was using me for sex and etc (made me cry). Yesterday I was reading stories about women when they were girls they got groomed by older men and most the stories sounded like mine. So I feel like "hey maybe I was groomed" was I? What do you think? I also read online that they can be same age as you so it doesn't mean old creepy men like in their 40s and 50s only do it. Any guy of any age can.

Also I want to know this so if he evers tries to talk to me again (I have a gut feeling he will) I shoot him down and said no thanks you groom me I don't want to ever see you again for that reason.
Also I found out recently that he dating a girl around his age. But he wants to bang 17 years old but stick to women his age fucking sick fuck.


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  • This happens a lot.
    Sometimes the girls have been groomed from before teenage-hood and they actually fall in love with the idea of that guy they've been talking to...

    Yeah, sounds like a light case of grooming - one that turned out fine in the end - thankfully.