How do I get my class changed I think he's stalking me?

There's this kid I don't like in my class he stalks me.. he's been doing it since middle school... It's getting weirder each day Tuesday I went up to my teacher after class and told him about it

When I was done talking I turn around and he's standing in the doorway looking at me, you think he might be waiting for someone but when I saw him, he left.

Today when I was in class I sit behind him.. he was on his phone I saw he was texting someone, I do my work, about 5 minutes later I look up and he's recording me... Not like blatantly, he's using his selfie cam recording me and slightly moves it away when I see the phone..

People think I'm just kidding but I'm dead serious... I feel... Stalked... And even scared


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  • Confront him. Tell him to knock it off and ask him what his deal is.

    • Scared... I think he's actually like... Mental... I don't want him to bring a gun or something

    • Well unfortunately if you don't it won't change anything :/ if he acts out from the confrontation let your teacher know

    • I don't know I think I might next time but if he goes too far I want my classes changed, If I can't I'm switching schools, If I can't I'm dropping out idc it's not worth it

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