How can I calm my boyfriend down when he's scared?

Me and my boyfriend were watching the movie Soul Suffer he cried when the girl got her arm bit off by a shark. Now he's even more scared to go into the water. We went to the beach last year he was terrified to out in deep water. His cousins begged him to go he was freaked out but we still went. After all the shark attacks that happen in North Carolina this year which is where we went he's never going back there again. He even gets nervous getting in a pool or taking a shower or even in a hot tub. He was scared of sharks before we watched this movie. Now he's even more scared. There was a funny part of the movie I laughed he got mad and hit me told me it want that funny. He's not gonna be able to sleep tonight. He usually has night mares after seening a scary show. How can I calm him down?


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  • He sounds like he has s real phobia. Thats something you should leave to the professionals. Have a serious talk and express your concern for him.


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  • He's a sissy. Leave him and find a real man. You deserve better.