Is this fantasy a normal one to have?

I'm single and also depressed. I often fantasize about finding a girlfriend who I fall in love with and start dating for a while and she is in love with me as well. After some time passes in the relationship, we both become depressed for whatever reason and decide to commit suicide together in a romantic fashion. Sometimes I fantasize we hold hands and jump off a building, or lying down cuddling while we die from carbon monoxide, or gun to our heads... things like that, the list continues.

This fantasy brings me great joy. Now in real life, if I were to get into a relationship, I would obviously never do this, but it's still a beautiful and warm thought that I like to fantasize about.

Is this normal? Should I seek mental help or are these thoughts okay?



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  • This isn't normal, definitely. Its probably some form of result of your depression.. Usually depression comes with a lot of dark thoughts and negative fantasies, depression stemming from your relationship status (single) is also probably triggering such episodes. You should talk to someone about it, even if its not a hospital immediately. Just try to open up about how you really feel, about the loneliness and emptiness, about the inadequacy and ( maybe about the need to be stuck in a relationship with someone ultimately because of a sad death).


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  • I understand that you're depressed and that's why you have these thoughts, but this is not normal.
    You should talk to someone you trust or seek for help.
    Hope you get better.

  • No that's not normal. There's nothing romantic about commiting suicide.


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