Guys, Should all asbestos products be removed from buildings?

Asbestos Removal


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  • No.

    As someone familiar with asbestos and asbestos abatement (I was a steam plant mechanic in the US Navy) I have knowledge that applies.

    Asbestos is classified in two ways:

    Friable & Non-Friable

    Friable asbestos is asbestos that can be turned to a dust with mild (hand) pressure. The concept is that a friable material can be disturbed by incidental contact.

    Non-Friable asbestos is asbestos that is stable as it is currently installed.
    - asbestos containing floor tiles
    - asbestos added to concrete
    - asbestos used in intact steam pipe insulation

    So here is the overriding issue: if it is the case that asbestos only presents a danger when friable fibers can be inhaled, stable asbestos only become a risk when you attempt to remove it.

    If there is not a current risk of exposure, don't create a risk by attempting removal.

    If some asbestos is damaged (ie pipe insulation), have a repair performed by qualified technicians.

    If a major change is required (removal/modification of a system, construction or demolition work), then and only then is asbestos abatement & removal warranted.


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  • Sure but who's going to pay for it all? Those building were expensive and they still serve a purpose. They need to be systematically replaced in a cost-feasible way while preventing exposure to asbestos.

  • They would gladly remove asbestos once it is publicly known. Either that or dish out 50x the cost in lawsuits lol.

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