Awkward eye contact?

I have been avoiding eye contact and pretty much every kind of contact with my ex for months. I actually was doing a really good job as I was really convinced I was over him. I even was starting to crush on a new guy! But all that went downhill. I was walking down the hall and my ex was standing to one side. He looked at me and I looked at him and we just stared at each other. Then, (I guess it must've been a reflex) I smiled at him and he smiled back (like an actual genuine one). I was like "oh f***, now he's going to think I'm into him again". And here's the worst part... I think I am into him again. Like how on earth can one smile mix everything up again? And ever since that awkward eye contact and smile he's been staring at me more and more often and I've been ignoring him even more. I'm so confused and I don't know what to do.


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  • This happened to me recently too. I hadn't seen her in two years and we both saw each other driving on the freeway and everything that had ever happened just flashed before my eyes and everything felt so fresh in my mind. She had this smile that you could never recreate. My advice is that life is too short and you will regret not giving it another shot. If it doesn't work out the second time you will know for sure that it wasn't meant to be.

    • That's exactly how I felt when it happened. It was all so fast and I just couldn't control myself for a second. Sometimes I want to give it another shot but then I remember all that I went through so I forget about it, but still there's just something about him that I can't seem to let go of. So maybe you're right I should at least test the waters and see how it goes.

    • Maybe it's just that fantasy of "what if" you were to get back together that you're curious about? Since I don't know the whole backstory of the relationship and how you broke up I can't really judge if you should get back together or not. I think you just need to test the waters like you said and just go with your gut instinct. Your situation sounds pretty similar to me though, just the other way around! I have a hard time letting go too. Everyday I think about her. From the moment I saw her walk into class, time stopped and it was like I knew her from a previous life. Her face looked so familiar, yet I never met her.

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  • Hahaha... why did you smile? Or ignore him at least... hello... he's your ex, you don't have to be polite. But... too late 😏

    • I don't even know why I smiled either! It just happened so quickly and he gave me this look and the next thing you know is I smiled. Afterwards I was like "WTF did I do?" but just like you said, it was too late.

    • Lol so you are into him again. Hopefully this time, you two won't screw it up.

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  • Maybe you guys were meant to be, true love never dies no matter what happens between y'all

    • You're right, maybe we were meant to be because sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try to stay away, I always find myself thinking about him again.

    • Give it a shot, every relationship has its ups and downs, you guys might bounce back and be stronger than before

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