Is the media too influential on people thier opinion?

I case you didn't fully understood what i mean
what i mean is a lot of people base thier opinion on what they hear from media (social media inculded) while doing little to no research about it, making the media the opinion of some people
News say A, people scream A too while they didn't do any research about A
And often the media makes things seem much worse then it treuly is, causing a lot of people worrying about something that isn't worth worrying about

i know some people who thier opinion is formed 100% by the media, while they know 0 about the topic, and it honestly worries me

I would love to hear your opinions about it, and if you see this happening too, or even happing to you

  • Yes the media is too Influential
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  • Im not 100% sure, Could be a problem
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  • I dont care
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  • I think it might effect some people but isn't a problem
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  • I highly doubt people thier opinions are effected by the media at all
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  • i haven't heard about this on social media, so its probably not important :D
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  • Answers please, i dont do opinions :D
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And if you do think media is too influential on people thier opinion how do you think we can fix it?


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  • Yep people are so attached to social media and the news using various means of technology while you never see anyone doing research or for that matter reading a book. Kids these days don't even know how to verbally communicate with one another.


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  • Yes, It is influential. People knowing it or not become what their environments dictate. They change as their environments change. In many cases these days, I have to say that social and other factors has lead to degeneracy, Because people are not keeping track of what is in their environments.


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  • I think the media is too influential, but I think it's the people giving it the power that's the problem. Instead of doing research, or having a critical mind, some people allow themselves to believe everything they read.

    I have a friend who claims to be an activist. Every month it's something different. One month she's a vegetarian, the next she's anti-abortion. There's nothing wrong with being passionate about something. The problem arises when the person doesn't do their research and know truly what they are talking about. It makes their message sound insincere and distracts from what they are trying to do.

    I attended a university class once, and the professor was telling his students that they had to be critical of everything. Any piece that they read has an angle. Don't trust anything 100%.

    I feel like with the media, the consumers are also to blame if they are taking everything that is said as fact. The news media has an agenda. Some news outlets are better than others. I personally avoid certain one's (like CNN and FOX). Because I feel like those one's do nothing but spread propaganda and fear. They make things out to be worse than they are and create panic among certain people.

    The world is a scary place. But it's not as scary as the world that CNN or FOX portrays (just to use examples). For ever bad event, there is plenty of good. But that rarely gets shown on tv because it's not as exciting. The young boy who helped an elderly lady across the street, the nice neighbour who baked Christmas cookies for a nursing home, or the lady who donated a purse full of snacks and toiletries to a homeless woman, much of that is unknown to us. But it happens everyday.

    Certain news outlets can be addictive as well, blasting exciting headlines and only releasing small details at a time to keep you watching them. As soon as new informaiton is leaked it's "BREAKING NEWS... ROBBER BUYS COFFEE BEFORE ROBBING BANK...". Um, ok... how does that have anything to do with the bank robbery? lol And then they psychoanalyze it: "What do you think it means that he bought the coffee? Do you think the type of coffee had anything to do with the robbery?" "BREAKING: INTERVIEW WITH BARISTA WHO SERVED THE ROBBER" Like it just gets ridiculous.

    This is one of the reasons I am thankful that I do not have cable anymore. I can choose what I am exposed to. It makes my life a lot more simple :)

    • I agree with you :P, i simply dont watch the news and or newpaper anymore
      Anything very important i should defenitly know ill hear of one way or a other, Then ill google it and read several articels about it Pro articels and Con articles
      Personally i blame the media 75% for the Futgetive problem we have in europ, if you look at it with a bit of realism then there are flaws ON OUR SIDE. yet the media scream FUTIGITVES ARE GOING TO: KILL US ALL/CHANGE THE DOMINATE RELIGION TO ISLAM/CUASE PROBLEMS OMG OMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

      i've even met i guy who said: i saw on the news, therefore you are wrong -.-
      But any idea how this problem could be tackeld?

    • Well, the only way I know is if we educate people. The problem is there are so many people who feel exactly the way that guy did. They saw it on the news THEREFORE it MUST be true! Even if it's false or the news station is very biased.

      The only thing you can do is try to educate people when you can. Post articles on social media that challenge what the common biased news stations spread as news. Hopefully some of your followers start to read these and question things.

  • Yes I believe so


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  • “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

    Malcolm X

  • No, people are just so lazy to form an opinion of their own.