What do you do when you're jealous of your sister? im very happy for her, but I just wish I was in her situation?

So both of us just moved about 3 1/2 months ago, but she seems to have it way better then me

She has a lot of friends, including one close friends she is curently living with, she meets cute guys and hooks up with them, she goes out a lot and she is apprantly glowing and come out of her shell (havent seen her in three months, but my mother vistied her last week, and she told me)

But me on the other hand have a less of a "succsess story" if you like. Yeah, i do have friends, but i dont have any very close friends, and the friends i do got are people in my class and we have nothing to very little in common.
We get a long and stuff, but we rarely hang outside school. I even joined a volunteer group to make more friends, and even tho everyone is super nice they are again, people i dont really have that much in common with, and the only person who ever invites me to things is this guy that obviously has a ting for me (but im affraid to be too nice to him in case he thinks im flirting)

And i never meet guys either.. i have met one guy, but he was an exchange student and it didn't work out. The guys im every surrounded with aren't my type at all, so i dont date at all.

Things are getting better, and im getting closer to people, but i still wish i had what my sister has.. We are different, she is more outgoing than i am, and she has a lot of confidence in her personality, while im pretty much the oposit. I know im cute, but i dont consider myself a person with a very likable personality, even though im super nice to everyone.

So i dont know what to do to be honest. i know its stupid and we are different, but still.. i just stoped feeling likea failure because of my situation, but I still have these moments where i do indded feel like a loser


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  • Use your jealousy to further improve yourself.

    • i am... but its still hard when we talk almost everyday and she tell me how good she is doing

    • Well, it's normal actually; don't try to get over it. The quicker you accept these natural feelings the less they effect you over time. You'll go from pinpricks of anguish to smirk of overconfidence.

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  • It's very important to stay busy and avoid any downers that can sap energy required to stay busy. How? Focus on what things/people make you happy and devote more investments toward them, esp. time.

    Maybe not for you right now but the most fun I found was ballroom (might include C&W) dance classes which also lead to socials, et al. down the road when more confident. Exercise, endorphins, weight loss, style consciousness.

    • im trying.. its a bit easier now then it was to start with because now im so busy with school work and exams. And i try to do things that make me feel good like going to the gym, but i dont have that much time to do as often as i would like because of all the studying i have to do.. I was considering joing a sports team, it will be good exercises and very social.. pluss im trying to lose a little weight, which is making me feel better laready since im getting healtier and have more energy

    • "give the busy woman the rush jobs"
      as they will produce it sooner, given their time management prowess
      = joining a sports team will take up more time but you will be able to study more efficiently in less time remaining + gain social, endorphins and calendar with many helping hands

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