1 Question for Guys who have slept with many pretty girls?

i am almost certain that the guys who have slept with the most numbers of pretty girls, are also the same guys who have failed with the most numbers of girls.

and if you are one of these guys who have slept with many pretty girls, i just wanna ask, how do you deal with that pain of rejection and failure when that gorgeous girl simply reject or ignore you to let you know that you are simply not good looking enough for her and make you feel like you are the most worthless piece of human being in this world and you just want to dig a hole and hide and die a slow and painful death so that you can get away from this pain?

it's true there is a lot i can do to improve myself.

if i could only stop drinking beer every night and start gaining some muscle and getting some clothes that are not so casual, my appearance would already not be a factor in getting girls because, insecure as I may sound, I am actually quite confident that my facial feature is as good as anyone who can get a 8/10 girl. You would be looking at a really nitpicking girl who would call me ugly. my problem is not physical but mental and material.


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  • Not sure what this has to do with sleeping with pretty girls, but as I read on, it actually turned out to be a very interesting question.

    A great trial lawyer I knew once told me, "I always get nervous before a trial" ... "but once I'm up there, an involuntary switch goes on, I'm on autopilot, I'm a passenger in my own body just along for the ride, I'm floating on clouds, and everything falls into place."

    I remember the first time I got "rejected" by a girl in a "club." Well, it was more of a loud bar/lounge, so, "club" based on noise level. I was there with a group of guys, and they were too shy or nervous to walk up to any girls. So, I took the task upon myself. I wasn't even looking to start anything with any girl. So, I spotted this group of two girls just standing in the middle of the room drinking their drinks, and not even talking to each other. They were below average by every sense of the word. So, I thought, "why not go over there, they'll be flattered, the guys will have someone to talk to, it'll all work out for everyone."

    Well, that's not how it worked out. I went up there, just asking them if they would like to come over and sit by the couch we had reserved. The skinnier one looked at her friend and said with such a proud expression on her face, "Uhhh, no thank you." As I walked away, the two girls were giggling between themselves in some sort of victory-celebratory fashion.

    I was honestly confused. But, then I realized what happened. Typically, men are the ones charged with the task of approaching (especially in public settings). So, women are endowed with the luxury of sitting comfortably on high-ground, having to do nothing more than simply say, "No." Be that as it may, men have to put what "no" means in context and in perspective.

    That night, I realized something. Those girls were not attractive. I wasn't even interested in them. From my POV, I was doing THEM and my guy friends a favor. Yet, they proudly seized the opportunity to say "no" to "me." Why? Because "being approached" is the only thing required for a girl to feel "validated/accepted" by the guy, and "saying no" is all that's required to "feel powerful."

    More importantly, however, what that means is that "no" does "not mean," "I'm a worthless, valueless piece of sh*t loser as a man." Phrased differently, "No" =/= "rejection of YOU... as a person... as a man."

    • In lawyer lingo, as that trial lawyer would say, "Who I am as a trial lawyer is reflected in my work. My work is not to get results. My work is to be a fucking amazing trial lawyer. Sometimes, a judge just doesn't get it. Sometimes, something goes over a jury's head. As a good trial lawyer, of course you always take it personally. You feel like maybe you could have done something more. Maybe you could have communicated differently. But at some point, you have to realize that a trial is just a roll of the dice. Your communication + your opponent's communication + the law and facts you have to work with + the judge's intelligence + the jury's intelligence = result. You are just "one of many" factors that go into the calculus, but by no means do you "control" the outcome. So, when a case doesn't arrive at the correct result, that doesn't mean you didn't do your job. For that same reason, that's why you're also able to win cases that you know you shouldn't win."

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    • I guess narcissism, ego and hubris is like alcohol, cocaine and heroin.
      It will kill you, but nothing else in the world feels better.

    • Very true... after all, if we zoom in inside the brain and look at what's going on chemically in the pleasure/reward center of the brain, there's a pretty close similarity to how heroin and cocaine bind on to those pleasure receptor binding sites. Narcissistic tendencies are "addictive." Maybe not as addictive as hardcore drugs, but still addictive nonetheless.

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  • i'm not a guy who has slept with lots of women (6 in my 17 years of being sexually active) but i feel every girl i slept with was pretty

    but for guys who sleep with lots of women in general i guess to deal with rejection you have to sort remind yourself that it's a numbers game. like a baseball player you may not get a hit 7 out of 10 times but going 3 for 10 means you're hitting.300 which is good statistically speaking

  • well I've slept with a lot of gorgeous women and to be honest I've only been rejected a few times. i got rejected once in first grade and once again sophomore year of college. the second time i didn't know i was being rejected and i just stood there like an ass with my phone out waiting for her number. it took a second to realize she wasn't going to give me her number.

  • You feel like it's a numbers game? It very well could be for plenty of guys. People always hype up "players" and "womanizers", but more than likely they've heard no plenty times as well as yes.

    I haven't slept with any girls. I've had sex with a few. Maybe I'm not the guy you're looking for in this question, but from my experience rejection sucks. I have been rejected before and it hurts. There's really no way to not feel pain unless maybe you've done it enough to where you're numb to it. Maybe "players" and "womanizers" are numb to it, but I also don't consider them positive people either.

    My advice is after it happens go do something that takes your mind off it. Like a hobby. Play video games. Go shoot ball. I don't know. Watch porn lol. Something that takes your mind off it.

    What I personally do is think about the girls who I have rejected, because I've rejected a lot and that just makes me feel like "Well hey girls have rejected me but I've rejected some girls too. I know some hot ones have wanted me too." It makes me feel a little better.

  • You're in the wrong place if you want to find a guy who can answer that question. The male gaggers who claim to have slept with many girls will be bullshitting, they wouldn't be on gag if that were the case. lmfao

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