Do you realise how fast we are turning into an Islamic Nation?

Or at least how hard extremist Islamists are fighting to create an Islamic State in the West under strict Sharia Law...

Women will have to cover up and wear hijabs. No drinking any more, no more pork, what have you.

Is no one afraid of this? Is this just another "crazy" conspiracy theory?

Very worrying times... countries like Germany and the UK are putting the lives of simpleton refugees in front of their own fucking people.


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  • Probably just a conspiracy theory.

    • Except it isn't though, is it.

      Watch the video, observe how evident it is by this "Muslim squad". They are batshit.

    • Well it's on the internet so it must be true right?

    • The video is on the internet (duh!), but the images are of real life.

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  • I think it's ironic. The people who are defending them the most, are the most politically opposed to them. Islam does not accept Homosexuality, Transgenders, Drug use, theft, adultery, alcohol, etc. We already see the culture clashes occurring in Europe, soon Islam will be the dominate religious and political force in Europe. They are using simple logic, high rates of immigration, and high fertility rates. From a pure strategic perspective, I actually admire it. They are also exploiting the welfare systems of these countries, so other people are paying them to have children. It's genius in so many ways. So many on the left arrogantly think that they will assimilate, and become loyal French or British citizens. Their intention, is to assimilate Europe into their culture.

    • Islam has more in common with conservatives, than they do with Liberals.

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    • "I honestly respect Muslims more than I do leftists."--No disagreement there. No matter how barbarous, at least the Muslims are *coherent*.

    • @Curmudgeon Much more coherent, I give credit where it's due. Democratic socialists have no clue to how blind they are. Sweden's welfare programs are already becoming unsustainable. I can't wait until they wake up, and realize everything they stand for is punishable by death. Lmao

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  • It's questions like these that make me realize how gullible some people really are

    • Gullible?

      It was all there in the video. Muslims walking around London telling people to cover up and not drink/gamble/have fun.

      It's absurd.

      The West and Islam simply can't coexist.

    • no shit sherlock

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  • Actually if a republican becomes president we will be living under an oppressive Christian theocracy where gay people will be stoned to death, working on a Sunday would be a crime, and all children would be forced to learn creationism.

    • You dupe. Even the most tent revival, snake handling, Bible-thumping Christians, in their wildest dreams, come nowhere near the everyday barbarism in islamic lands.

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    • Well we can say they're two sides of the same coin.

    • No we can't.

  • You must be afraid of the dark, clouds, clowns, feminists, apples, kids, spiders, gays, liberals, water, cars, smoke, dragons, The Targaryens, Walmart, tires, gingers, women, pizza, Tooth fairy, atheists, Santa, yogurt, cancer, candy, glasses, books, gambling, leather, duck tape, apple pie, cats, flowers, bees, and unwanted body hair.

    This doesn't scare me in the slightest. I'm more afraid of Christians trying to turn our country into a right wing christian nation.

    • Hmmm... so getting beheaded doesn't worry you?

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    • @Curmudgeon it was the right who pushed homeland security. The right who would love to see the 1950's ideals restored. Strip the gays of their rights, push religion into politics, ban anyone from entering their country that doesn't love apple pie. Again I'm not afraid of terrorists, I'm afraid of people like you. I don't agree with all leftist policies, but I sure as hell don't agree with right wing doctrine and all the conspiracy theories it spouts as facts from god.

    • @Curmudgeon hell let's just put them in interment camps. Let's feed and clothe all the muslims in the west. Keep them safe in a fenced off area. But that would be wellfare, that's a big nono. So let's take the Hitler approach. Gas them all and rid the west of all its problems, no sharia law then. Hell let's put all the liberals, gays, atheists and all non Christians in there as well. Maybe even someone whose skin color is one shade darker. Then you'd be safe.

  • These are my thoughts, too. It only need 51% of the voting community to be Muslim, and we have a serious problem developing.

    • Well, that'd take a miracle. 51%? Crazy.

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    • It's quite high in Sweden too.

      % are just going to increase with all the immigrants.

    • Correct!