Do you know any UNPHOTOGENIC people that look much hotter in real life?

I know some girls that look like they're plain average 6/10 but in real life, they're like hot as hell 8. Do you know any peeps?

  • Yeah I know some people that are way hotter in real life but look worse in pics
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  • The reverse actually. I know people that look good in photos but worse irl
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Ha me but I'm the opposite. I get told I'm attractive in pictures. Which isn't a compliment in my opinionore of an insult 😂


Most Helpful Guy

  • yeah me. i look goofy in pictures. also a girl i dated looks goofy as shit in pics but really good in real life.


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  • I am one good example. Even my mum said I look much better in real life. I rarely look good in photos, don't know why :' (


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