How old is old enough for a kid to have sex?

If you had a kid what age would you think sex was okay. Does it bother you when you see gagers under 18 talking about sex, how good/bad it is and what they enjoy?

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  • If you are old enough to want sex you are old enough to have it. Just make sure you do it safely.

    It bothers me when people say that anyone under 18 should not be able to talk about sex. Sort of mass sterilization teenagers will always have sex. For the most part this is a safe place for confused enexperenced people to ask the questions they are to afraid to ask a parent or teacher.

    The way I see it, it is the responsibility of the more experienced members to help the less experienced make informed decisions about their lives and bodies.

    • I have helped a few gagers myself with sexual issues who have been in the 16-17 zone. So I'm not discriminating against people under 18 who post about sexual things in any way.

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    • I now saw the other fing typo in what I said... It is making me a little annoyed now, like when you see drunk people who have no idea they're drunk and are trying to do things like normal LOL

      Anyways, I hope you feel better :)

    • Being tired and being drunk are pretty damn similar although I have never had hallucinations from drinking too much. I hope I feel better too... This is unpleasant. Now stop talking to me and get some damn sleep.

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  • I say 18 but I wouldn't be too upset if my kid was 17 so long they were responsible with it.

    Does it bother me that teens talk about sex and their experience? No. I was a teen when I first had sex.

    • I wasn't under 18 though. That still doesn't bother me though because when I was in high school kids were having sex too so it's no different. I know little under aged kids who can't even smoke a cig or pee straight are fucking. It is what it is.

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