Why is it that gender is a social construct?

Yet you can be a man with the brain of a woman and vice versa? If it's just a social construct and its entirely due to social conditioning and our brains are no different, how is that possible?


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  • I don't understand what you're asking.

    • According to some, gender is supposedly a social construct, and the reason men and women are so different is due to social conditioning, not biology e. g. boys being raised to play with guns, girls playing with baby dolls. Many of these people raise their kids to be "gender-neutral", encouraging their boys to play with dolls and wear dresses etc. One example here:


      What I'm asking is how can it be true that gender is a social construct, yet a transgender person is said to have been born in the wrong body? How can a man have a woman's brain, or a woman have a man's brain, if biology has nothing to do with it?

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    • That sounds a bit silly to me, the "gender binary" exists all over the world, not just in Christian countries. Plus there are gender roles in all of nature. Are we the only species that has transgendered men and women? Also how is it unnecessary to call a man a man and a woman a woman if that's what they are?

    • You will find, my dear, that the gender binary is not actually reflected in nature as there are intersex and hermaphroditic organisms.

      I don't believe you could study whether transgenderism exists in the animal kingdom, as very few animals are capable of speech and higher reasoning to be able to explain themselves and their identities to us.

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  • I hear people say "gender is a social construct" all the time, but I have yet to see anyone cite evidence of any kind. I've no answer for you.


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  • Gender refers to the social customs themselves.
    Transgendered! m refers to personal comforts relative to the customs.

    The easiest example is that if society said that white was for boys and black for girls a transgendered man would want black and transgendered woman would want white.

    The actual colors, styles, etc. after not dictated by the individuals themselves.

  • Mate, I even saw one user here saying that virginity is a social construct. I guess stupidity is a social construct as well.

  • The brain is just mighty fucked up and complex, so, who knows.

  • it's not. anybody who says it is iz retarded.