Some of you need to learn the difference between curvy, thick, and fat. required to put a question mark?

this is fat
clealy overweight

this is curvy
There are a lot of examples of curvy women, but im just saying that even a model can be curvy. curvy does NOT mean fat, it means to have curves. i know girls who are underweight and have dramatic curves, and girls who are overweight and have noo waist definition whatsoever

and this is thick
just like this,
tiny waist with thickness in good places (boobs, butt, hips, thighs)

i put Candice on there for a reason. not because i think she's the definition of curvy, but to show you all that curvy does NOT mean fat or having fat in some places. being thick describes a woman with curves and meat in good places, all curvy means is having a curvy bone structure. you can be underweight and still be curvier then someone who's overweight, simply because you have that body type. and Candice has the measurements 34-23-34. hourglass.


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  • I think it's hilarious how you expect your rant to be taken seriously when you refer to Candice Swanepoel as being curvy.

    • how is that hilarious. i could've said amber rose and jenna shea are curvy but they are thick, not curvy. im not a fan of candice but too many girls think that curvy means fat. just showing them all that even the skinny models they worship can be curvy.

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    • Don't really see your point there. I wouldn't really consider Kate Upton curvy either.

      And yes, that's what I am saying. Candice is not thick enough and so her curves aren't good enough to be curvy.

      Make no mistake, I completely understand what you are saying. I just don't agree with it.

    • @UnknownXYZ okay, just agree to disagree.

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  • Curvy = curves, not fat.
    You can have a tiny waist, large hips and a nice, toned bubble butt without being fat.
    That's curvy.

    ''THICK'' is what gets misquoted as ''curvy''. Most people here don't know the difference.
    I agree with the OP.


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  • Ya.. Thats not curvy.. Thats skinny... I always considered curvy to be just a little smaller than thick...

    • curvy is a bone structure. has nooothing to do with weight. she can gain 50 pounds, lose 50 pounds, her bone structure will always be curvy.

    • Soo.. Thick can be curvy... But curvy can't be thick?

    • it can be both. thick women have curves, but not all curvy women have thickness. like a girl can have an hourglass figure but then be so skinny that she has no ass or boobs. she still has her curves but she's not thick because she's flat.

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  • Ok so... why do we need to know the difference?

  • Your curvy girl is just plain old skinny...
    Curby? Try this

    • she's more on the thick side. i made a whole section just for thick girls. amber rose and jenna shea and this girl can be there too.

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    • Sorry.. I when i see nice curves i can't think of anything else..

    • @jomu0136536 ha well check out amber rose and jenna shea, they have perfect bodies in my opinion