Where can I learn sign language?

Is there any good sites I could learn it on?
Or is it something I should learn in person?


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  • I have done four years of ASL and am in a committed relationship with a Deaf girl. If you want to learn I would love to help but leaning grammar online is not easy at all. There are quite a few websites you can use to help with the vocabulary but that is only half of what it takes to be able to communicate.

    • I understand it's hard to learn online.
      But if you could help me I'd really appreciate it.

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    • If you want to send me a pm. I get it if you are not comfortable with that though. Why do you want to learn? Do you know any Deaf people?

    • I'll pm you.
      I don't know any desf people...
      It's just something I want to know how to do

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