Im 15 and my dad has a smoke problem?

okay my dad has a coke problem and i knew since i was 4 yearsold he refuses to get help my dad he steals money from me and use coke around me like its okay he will just walk around the house nervous and cranky i haven't eaten in days i been stealing food my mom she takes care of me by herself
Please help 😪


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  • Wait why havnt you eaten. Im confused. Who does he live with. Who lives woth you

    • my dad doesn't buy food i steal to eat u live eith mother she doesn't know i steal food

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    • Okay thanks anything to get me the hell out of this place and environment

    • thanks for the advice the sad part is my grandparents on both sides past away

  • tell someone else about it.

    • like who im lost

    • authorities, auntie, uncle, mums friends, your friends parents, friends of yours? TELL ANYONE

    • thank buddy now im i feel relaxed😌

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  • No child should have to go hungry because of someone else's selfishness. And I hate that you had to grow up in that kind of environment. Have you talked to an adult you trust who you know will take proper actions?