To everyone who doesn't eat meat not for health reasons but for morale reasons. How do you feel about animals that eat meat?

If humans shouldn't eat meat because humans and animals are equal, then it can be assumed that humans are on the same level as animals and vice versa. There for if it's wrong for humans to eat meat then it's also wrong for animals to eat meat


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  • Thing is that animals doesn't slaughter in the awful way we do although their way of killing each other is pretty extreme most of times. We humans doesn't actually need meat, we CAN survive without meat but they can't at least I don't thin but right me if I'm wrong. We can't change their nature but we can change ours by not slaughter so many innocent animals just for good meat and a lot of it is thrown away. Another thing is that animals don't empathize the same way we do. I would feel awful if I killed a deer but they won't because our brains does not work the same way.

    • Animals slaughter enough to feed themselves as do we. also slaughter is slaughter death is death. They don't stop slaughtering because of any moral dilemma they simply don't have the means of preserving the meat.

    • No, we don't.
      Do you know how much food is wasted/thrown away and that includes meat? I just threw a hamburger from mc Donald's and no one is searching among the trash for that to eat. We waste a lot of meat.

    • So it's okay to eat animals aslon as they're not wasted?

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  • All you need to do with such people is point out that scientists have found that plants can feel pain, too.


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  • You forgot to add that said animals would die if they didn't eat meat.

    • How about bears? Bears like humans are omnivores

    • Well im talking about carnivores. They would die if the didn't eat meat. Omnivores might do too though--it depends on the availability of food they have.

      For instance, bears rely on both meat, and certain plants. If meat were taken out of their diet, they might not die, but they'd be horrifically maluntritioned since they are picky about the plants they will eat, and even the ones they do eat aren't very ample, and don't fill them up very well. If they remained omnivores, and their supply of such plants ran out, they would have something to fall back on. But if they ate only plants, and their supply ran out, they would certainly die. Same goes with humans now that i think about it.

    • Carnivores could eventually evolve to eating plants if they started to now. The mighty t-rex evolved from eating tons of meat to eating grains of rice. It's simply more convenient for carnivores to eat meat.

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