Is their a reason for this/is this bad?

ok so my friend threatened me the other day-

i was eating paper he told me to stop but i didn't so he took the paper away and told me if he caught me eating paper again hed sexually grope me

any ideas why he chose to make that threat out of all the other ones he could of chosen
and is there anything bad about eating paper?


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    Others have already said it but just go schedule an appointment with a physician and tell him you're eating paper and he'll run some tests to see if you're missing some specific nutrients. It's not a big deal if you go it could become a big deal if you continue to ignore it. But screw your friend that is not ok to say to you even if it was to make you take care of yourself. Sexual assault is not something you threaten someone with.

    • eh its not the first time i mean at leadt he told me about it this time bc last time i wasn't doing anything wrong i just sat next to him and he started to grope my thight and moved his hand futher up as he did it so I don't know im kinda used to the shit he dose

    • and ugh i dont have a fucking eating disoter its just something i do now and then ok? understood its just this time was the first time he saw me doing it

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  • What you have is a form of pica, an eating disorder which causes you to crave and eat non-food items, sometimes because your body is lacking a vitamin of some kind. The technical term for paper eating is xylophagia.

    The paper is harmless, but this disorder is often seen in pregnant people, or those with mental instability or imbalance. Even if you don't have any of these things, it can get worse, and you could seriously harm yourself. I'd consider seeing a doctor. If you live in the US, try and see if you can't find a free clinic.

    • nah i dont have a eating disorter ii just like paper I've been eating it when i was a kid then stoped and now im back at it its more of a habit if you ask me

      and with the whole eating distorer thing i do skip meals but i wouldn't say i have a eating disorter and harming myself ha way to late for that

    • Yeah. Go to a doctor please. Your friend needs to be doing much more than just asking you to stop eating paper.

    • its the first time he say me eating paper so yea lol

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  • He said it because he's a boy and cannot control his urges- believing that projecting his desires verbally and with due warning will give him the right to follow through with it.

    Tell him if he does it you'll knock his teeth out- which is fair.

    • lol but if i had said that it wouldn't make a whole lot of since since he has groped my thigh befor and i didn't stop him

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    • I don't see why paper would be bad. It's chocked full of fiber and vitamins.

      Although I don't know about the chemicals they treat it with... those might be a problem.

    • honestly like i said with the whole chemical bleach thing i could care less i mean hell most of my friends including him im having a hard time understanding if there still my friend and I don't know lol all i know is that day after he took the paper away from me i had a pretty bad stomach ach

  • Facepalming right now! Why in the hell are you eating paper? It's not food, it's used to write on.

    • lol i like to its yummy

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    • Due to the fact that the younger generation behind me is starting to eat paper.

    • hahahahah im a weird child so dont expect a whole generation to come out like me

  • Eating paper? Are you sure you're old enough to be using a computer?

    • yes i am its just habit ok I've been doing it since i was little

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    • Yes it's time to let the paper rest on your desk anyway.

    • nooooooooooooooooo poor paper it jerd to
      be in my belly

  • No it's fine to eat papers i still eat them to this day i use them as a chew gum and he told u that cause he is sexually attracted to you


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