Why is this person calling me at 11PM at night? She knows my first and last name and it's from a company I never contacted? Help?

So I was on the computer just playing video games until I got an incoming call from someone with the same area code as mine. I picked up and this is how it went:
Me: Hello?
Woman: Hello is this [My First Name/Last Name]?
Me: Yes it's [My name] Who is this?
Woman: Is this [My name]?
Me: Umm.. Yes it it's. Who is this?
Woman: It's Scarlett. Is this [My name]?
Then my mom overheard and said she wants to talk to this person so I told the woman to hold on a second and when I gave the phone to my mom she hung up and when we tried to call her back but she didn't pick up. My mom googled the number and apparently it's some business number which I have never heard of or contacted in my life. And I am only 13 for gods sake I am too young to have a job so I don't know who this is. It sounded like a woman with a thick Spanish accent. It could be a prank call but I didn't give out my number to anyone recently. I thought it could be a telemarketer but why would a telemarketer call me at 11 o clock at night? Can someone tell me why somebody would call me this late at night for no apparent reason and also know my name?


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  • It's hard to tell who it was but telemarketers don't care what time it is they'll call anyway. How did they get your number? Did you happen to fill out anything in the mall store etc that says you'll win something where you put in your personal information or anything like that? Those are scam to spam boxes, avoid!

    • No I never gave out my number to anyone recently and I have never heard of that company so I have no idea how this woman knows my name or why she called me so late at night. I do not know anyone woman with a Spanish accent either.

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    • You're welcome :) Thankfully this person never called me again!

    • They probably won't, but if they do, don't give them anything. Make them think you're interested in what they have and keep them tied up on the phone as long as you possibly can. Near the end of the call start talking all crazy with things that make absolutely no sense. They'll stop calling!

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  • I had a cable company call me as a kid, I don't recall if they had my name or not. But they wanted to know my tv watching schedule. Wanted to know what I watched or would watch at various times of the day. Basically trying to get a feel for what shows kids watched. That wasn't all that uncommon back then. They would also send out cards that you filled out when you watched tv.

  • Who knows but there's so many scams out there and our info is so easy to get sometimes. Just don't fall for any and never give your personal details over the phone to unknown people


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